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OUR mission

Vault Theatre, a new 501(c)3 theatre company located in Durham, is dedicated to unlocking the imagination through comprehensive and innovative theatre programming onstage, in the classroom, and within the community. Vault Theatre is focused on investing in the artistic work and stories of our rising young voices. 

Our work celebrates stories of radical hope for the future for audiences of all ages, nurtures the artistic voices of young performers, creates dialogues for social change, and mentors early career artists for continued growth in the performing arts industry.  

Our Work 

Vault Theatre creates high-quality theatre experiences with, for, and by young people in the Triangle. 
Vault Theatre offers comprehensive programming with young people in
weekly classes for youth and in-school residency programs that are designed to use theatre to integrate arts with core curriculum, engage in dialogue on challenging social topics, or create and build theatre skills.


Vault Theatre produces stories that are thematically, educationally, and artistically programmed for young people through a series performances of Theatre for the Very Young, Theatre for Young Audiences, and Theatre for All programming. 

Young Artists have the opportunity to perform original, devised productions by young people in
Changemakers Ensemble. 

Our values

Innovation - We believe that with every programming decision it is important to ask ourselves why this play, class, or project, right now?


Civic Engagement - We believe serving our community is the cornerstone of our work. We believe in using our gifts, talents, and skills as artists to serve our entire community.


Collaboration - We believe that our work is best when we create art and conversation with our patrons, our students, community partners, as well as the entire city of Durham and state of North Carolina as equal participants.


Curiosity - We believe that a core of humanity is to be lifelong learners, so we aim to chase after all the things we don’t know and discover new things daily.


Failure - As lifelong learners, we believe that failure is as worthwhile as success. We will grapple with failure by learning to welcome it when it comes. We endeavor to celebrate our failures for what we learn just as much as our successes for what we accomplish

Why Vault?

A vault is a place where something precious is stored. When people visit a vault it is to either take or leave something of value. That exchange is also present at a theatre. The preciousness of time and energy is left in these buildings, while new perspectives and valuable shared experiences leave with those gathered. Vault Theatre strives to be a place where these values are exchanged in every experience. 

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