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OUR mission

An emerging company, Vault Theatre is focused first and foremost on investing in the work of our rising young voices through comprehensive arts programming. As the company grows, Vault Theatre will endeavor to produce classic work that highlights experiences that have been locked away, shedding new light on voices of history traditionally left hidden. Vault Theatre will also look to the future, producing new works that focus on stories which invest in the experiences of our diverse community. 

Our Work 

Vault Theatre creates high-quality theatre experiences with, for, and by young people in the Triangle.  

An emerging company, Vault Theatre offers comprehensive programming with young people in weekly classes for youth.


Vault Theatre offers projects and partnerships with schools and organizations through customizable in-school residency programs that create opportunities for students to explore creative expression, arts-integration, and performance skills. 

Young Artists have the opportunity to perform original, devised productions by young people in Changemakers Ensemble. 

Why Vault?

A vault is a place where something precious is stored. When people visit a vault it is to either take or leave something of value. That exchange is also present at a theatre. The preciousness of time and energy is left in these buildings, while new perspectives and valuable shared experiences leave with those gathered. Vault Theatre strives to be a place where these values are exchanged in every experience. 

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