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Bring a teaching artist to your classroom!

ENGAGE is designed to use theatre as a tool to explore and engage in socially conscious topics and spark student action.  Workshops and Residencies can pair with any core subject, or can be offered in any classroom as an entire school special day! Is there a school topic that is important to explore? Interested in a special day honoring history months? Do you have a leadership class who is interested in tackling an issue important to them? Our Peer to Peer Leadership model gives students the platforms to become leaders in their school community on important subjects! 

Social Emotional Learning based curriculum 

Classes are action-based and participatory 

Can examine school values or special days dedicated to important school topics 

 Option for Peer to Peer learning modules that create student leaders 

Topics can include: Healthy Relationships,  Substance Misuse,  Sexual Health, Diversity & Inclusion 

Reach out today to discuss your curriculum, and with no additional planning Vault Theatre will engage students in challenging topics using arts as a catalyst for positive dialogue! 

Any Changemakers In-School projects can be delivered as introductory one-off workshops all the way to full residency programs of ten sessions up to semester or school year long extended projects. These programs can also be delivered in afterschool and track out settings. Vault Theatre can customize any workshop or residency program to fit individual school and classroom needs. Please contact us to arrange a schedule that works with your classroom. 


Full price is $125 per teaching hour. Vault Theatre will make every effort to ensure that money is not a barrier to participation.


To book, for price inquiries, or to discuss your individual school's needs, contact Lauren Sale

Vault Theatre is proud to be on Durham Arts Council's CAPS Artist in Schools directory. Schools can also reach out directly to Durham Arts Council for bookings. 

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